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Mission Statement
"To Culture With Love. Management"- We are aware of the synergy symbiosis of Culture and Management, of Art and Business. Management with a rational and respectful sympathy helps culture thrive. The Culture & Management Club's philosophy is consciously separating a sphere of art from a sphere of management, business and money, but still looking for ways to enrich both culture and management. There is a focus on unity as opposed to conflicts between culture and management.

Culture & Management Club (Spolek Kultura & Management, o. s.") is a non-government, non-profit corporation by law residing in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic dedicated to these general goals:
  • Contributing to the development of culture management and establishing it as a vital profession in the Czech Republic.
  • Creating an open-minded environment, and a platform where experience and knowledge can be shared among culture management students and scholars at Czech universities, at similar majors abroad, among managers, administrators etc., professionals or non-professionals, in the field of culture in the public sector and creative industry.
  • Promoting the professional growth of our members.
  • informative campaigns on culture management issues
  • educational activities, such as organizing conferences, meetings, talks, and seminars
  • publication activities
  • art projects and events production and consultations
Our proficiency is guaranteed by the academic background of Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic.

Our Projects
There is no Czech periodical journal pertaining to culture management topics. By means of the very first pioneering internet magazine in the Czech Republic, we pursue these aims:
  • to maintain the academic standards of majors in Theatre and Music Management at the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno
  • to provoke a discussion on forms of culture management education at the Czech universities and to launch research in this area
  • to create a base for knowledge and experience sharing,
  • to contribute to defining cultural managers' profession, and setting the content and body of cultural management
  • to promote communication with artists on related issues
Workshop On Organizing in Non-Professional Theatre 2008
On the occasion of VI. Festival of Non-professional Theatre HOBBLIK & MUMRAJ! in Hodonin, South Moravia, Culture & Management Club runs the very first educational meeting relating to management and organization in non-professional theatre companies in the Czech Republic.
Development strategies, marketing, stage management and legal issues will be discussed within lectures and talks led by professionals, and theatre management students.

To Culture With Love. Management"
-I. International Brno Culture & Management Workshop, 2009
At the climax of Culture & Management Group's activities, the international meeting of culture management students in Brno will be considered. The concerns of students from the Central European region and the countries of Visegrad Treaty will be emphasized. Fall 2009 is the event's expected date.

Become a Culture & Management Club Member
Your membership is a great boon to our mission and activities. No fees are required. You will be listed as a member on our sites and other materials. We welcome foreign members who can assist us in supporting the consideration of the business aspect of art as a natural part of production something that was lost during years of communism in former Czechoslovakia.

You can support our mission by sharing your knowledge and experience, publishing research articles or related notes on the Culture & Management Blog, and by sharing your enthusiasm. We will be grateful for any support in the Culture & Management Group's ground-breaking times.

Spolek Kultura & Management, o. s.
Rencova 14, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic
ID: 22669892

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... ta se má, že žere manu ;0)

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talent!!! vysoké nasazení a odolnost vůči stresu:-) a pak taky zodpovědnost, ale nepřehnaná aktivita...

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